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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kevin Luna who was born in California on May 01, 1978 and passed away on January 27, 2005 at the age of 26. We will remember him forever.

Kevin was a sweet man who cared very much about his child, Glenn. When Glenn was born, Kevin was by my side and cried over the witnessing of his child being born. Althogh Kevin was very supportive of Glenn being named after my father (who was in a tragic accident when I was a baby) he insisted on Glenn being named after him as well. This is how we came up with the middle name of Michael. Michael was Kevin's middle name.

After Glenn was born, Kevin decided to Join the Armed Forces to support him. In February of 1999, Kevin left for boot camp and never returned other than to visit. He was stationed in Germany and completer tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. On his second tour in Iraq, after returning from a mission, Kevin was shot and killed by his sergeant, James Pousard. He served 10 months in confinement and was released due to the Army losing the transcript of the trial.

Glenn has tried over and over to post messages on Kevin's other site that is hosted by his mother, however, she deletes them. This site is set up specifically for Glenn and welcomes any and all comments. If you knew Kevin, please use the link to contact me as I would like Glenn to meet all of his daddy's friends and peers.

Kevin was married to a German woman named Stephanie and they were very happy and in love. This site is not made to take away anything from their marriage or to insinuate that Kevin and I were together. Stephanie my heart goes out to you and your loss was tragic. May God Bless You always.

Kevin's mother received the entire SGLI life insurance policy and Glenn received nothing. There is now a Memorial Fund set up in Glenn's name at Wells Fargo Bank. Any and all donations are excepted, and can be made at ANY Wells Fargo branch. The fund is "Glenn Luna Memorial Fund." If you do donate, please contact me on this site, as Glenn and I would like to contact you to give our thanks.

Thank You and God Bless
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We are proud of you, Glenn!   / Brett Anderson
Hello Glenn. I have a son who just turned 10, and I told him about you. He says your daddy is a hero, and I agree. He's a hero who was fighting for me and my children, and his bravery and courage will live on in you forever. Our country is stronger a...  Continue >>
Make no mistake, your dad is a HERO   / Earl Schenck, Jr.

When you grow up you may hear from people that the war was not necessary. That your dad sacrificed his life for a war that meant nothing. Do not listen to that. Make no mistake, your dad is a hero. He died fighting for his Country, ...  Continue >>
Stand Tall   / Tim (only in spirit )
As a Veteran, I know what it is like to write the "Just in Case" letters, and I know what it is like to be far away from the ones I love more than anything on this earth, and I know why we go; I just can't really explain it well...  Continue >>
missing you   / Patty Montelongo (glenns grandmother )
kevin, for what ever reasons you and crystal did not see eye to eye i know you wanted to be part of glenns life you told me that yourself and we know if you could you would be here now but god only knows why you had to leave us he has plans for you t...  Continue >>
Glenn  / Crystal Brantley (Glenn's Mommy )
Glenn, My heart breaks thinking that you will never get to know your daddy. I will always be there for you and be able to answer all of the questions about your dad. Love you sweetheart. Mommy
YOU HAVE GAINED AN ANGEL!  / Arieta Faiivae (Friend)    Read >>
Be strong!  / Hannah McCubbin     Read >>
GLENN / Crystal Brantley (Glenn's Mother )    Read >>
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